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alright, I have been with them for over two weeks now, the program is LEGIT. I received my $50 check, basically here is what you do to get the first $50.....

>STEP 1: Sign Up Using this link CashFiesta

>STEP 2: Download the Cashfiesta toolbar (its safe bar, basically it puts an bar ontop of your screen) as your surf online. The current points increase. and points are money. You will probably get around 200-300 points in around an hour. Keep it on through out the day and let everyone know to not shut it down
>STEP 3: Get information on 4 universities and you get $50. Thats it. Make sure you answer the phone and get info. on universities you are REALLY interested in. Dont BS it.

>STEP 4: Basically just keep the toolbar ON every day and REFER people as much as you can.


Here is a tip:

>>>>>>>>>>Using the $50, dont spend it on YOURSELF. use the money to open up a website at You are probably asking. why THIS ONE..... read my blog and find out WHY.

I would appreciate if you would sign up using this link


Alright, Sign Up with the CHEAPEST package, which will cost you 29.99$ EVERY 6 Months. Thats right. Don't worry, you will make that mONEY in NO TIME

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Alright after you purchase the website ... get a programmer from

Checkout my blog .. and create a gaming website. If you need help I will personally give you a gaming script.

..............If you would like to know what to do later. send me an email. I like to keep this info. limited. Send me an email and i will tell you what to do NEXT.\\\



Ļ.ε.ғ.т.Ƴ said...

Bro, let me give you an honest approach. I spent time with this site. I never recieved my payment. I never received a reason why, nothing. If you really got paid, why not post a picture of the check? You see, the problem I have is many people SAY they get paid so others can join and build up their downline. I post my checks on my blog because it adds credibility.

SixPack said...

Alright, I will post the check picture. Thanks for the advise.

Anonymous said...

hi I'm very interested in cashfiesta. there are reviews out there that they don't send you a check saying that you have"cheated"did you have any problems like that? do you have to get info on 4 univ every time to get the check?if you have any time please reply thank you very much.

Nike Nisa said...

scam ini mah? lihat donk dibeberapa review. Salam by OBAT PERANGSANG WANITA ini sangat terbukti utk jurus ampuh menaklukkan wanita